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Custom Products

Custom Fibreglass Products

RAD Kitchen & Bath has in-house mold building capabilities and can produce any style of fibreglass part you may require. We have worked with a wide variety of parts and manufacturing methods and can produce consistent, high quality parts. We have produced tanks and containers, roof flashings and picture frames.

We have the fibreglass equipment to produce parts for other manufactures. We use spray-up and hand lay-up methods to produce parts such as water tanks, chimney ventilation parts, equipment covers, bench seats and picnic tables. Whatever your fibreglass needs are, we can help you with your parts.

Granitec Products

Innovation is the key to the survival of any business. While customer service and quality products have provided us with the reputation we have enjoyed, we wouldn't have lasted in this business for twenty years if not for innovation. One of our more recent innovations, Granitec are unique to RAD Kitchen and Bath ensuring we remain one of the leaders in the Saskatchewan manufactured stone products industry.

Cultured Granite is a solid surface, man made Granite and is 3/4" in thickness - Granitec is a fibreglass product that is much lighter in weight than Granite it is approximately 1/2" in thickness. [read more]


RAD Kitchen & Bath also has the exclusive line of POLY GRANITE Kitchen Countertops. Have the beauty and strength of stone in your own home at a more affordable price with POLY GRANITE.

POLY GRANITE, Cultured Granite and Granitec have the exact same overall appearance - Salasco is our Kitchen Countertop Material. It is a solid surface product that is 1 1/4" in thickness.

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